We have over 40 years of experience of Eaton Williams Air Conditioning systems including: –
IPAC, Edenaire, Qualitair, eBTX, CTX, Moducel and Colman products as well as their associated Control Systems

If you have any Eaton Williams (EW) Equipment installed, we can provide Maintenance visits for all types of EW Systems Including IPAC, eBTX, VAPAC, Qualitair, Senior, Moducel, spare parts
• Close Control Air Conditioning Systems
• Split & multi-split Air conditioning Systems
• VRF Heat Pump & Heat Recovery Air Conditioning Systems
• Water Chillers & Associated services
• Ventilation Systems and associated services
• Humidification Plant
• Heating Systems – Boilers, etc
• BMS – Trend, etc

Replacement Parts

We can provide all spare parts for Eaton Williams units.